Kyle Libra

Seattle-Queen Anne

Windermere Real Estate/Wall Street, Inc.

214 W McGraw St.

Seattle, WA 98119

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My Mission

I have the greatest job of all: I get to help my friends and clients find their dream home. Whether you’re buying or selling, each real estate transaction is filled with seemingly endless details and requirements and can put a major damper on the excitement of finding that home. That’s why my only mission is to make that transaction as least stressful and filled with the most value for you. And as a bonus, hopefully win a friendship or referral from you!

Who I am

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest makes me feel a little spoiled. Tall mountains, clean water, and actual four seasons doesn’t exist for most of the country. But this is the place I was raised, and it’s hard to dream of being anywhere else!

I’m a University of Washington graduate (as a double major in Chemistry and Biochemistry of all things) and currently live in the South Lake Union area. Prior to joining Windermere, I had worked a couple of jobs in the Seattle area, most recently working in technology sales for a small company downtown. I enjoyed an ongoing relationship with my clients, and they frequently commended me as one of the hardest working and most professional salesmen they have ever worked with. Quite the honor!
When I’m not working in real estate, I can be found on the ski slopes at Stevens Pass, fixing houses to flip houses with my father, or playing with my cat Rocky. I’ll even play a game or two on the computer I built. With so much to do in Seattle, I can also be found around the city enjoying the night life with friends or trying any of the new restaurants popping up around Lake Union.

Let’s work together

Buying and selling a home isn’t easy. With all the steps involved and details to be worked out, it requires a vigilant eye and passionate heart to make the transaction as seamless as possible. Whether you’re just looking for your first home or have bought and sold a number of times, I will bring the top-end passion and skill to your sale. This is potentially one of the largest decisions of your life and you deserve a broker who will work hard for you each step of the way.
Call or text me at (206) 376-9114, or email me at, and let’s set up a free consultation!