Diane Lancaster


Seattle-Queen Anne

Windermere Real Estate/Wall Street, Inc.

214 W McGraw St.

Seattle, WA 98119

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Office: (206) 283-8080

Mobile: (206) 949-6599

Fax: (206) 328-1716



Website: www.dwellinseattle.com


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Sound investment recommendations and beauty and comfort do not have to be at odds.

How does one go about choosing a professional to guide you through the complexities of a real estate transaction? With so many agents out there the choices can be dizzying. You often hear the phrase “I provide excellent customer service” touted by most real estate agents, but on closer examination it’s becomes apparent that the way customer service is defined and executed varies widely.

Collaboration that Leads to Success

My standards and practice of customer service strive to be more in tune with today’s savvy consumer. It is no longer enough to be the expert. Although I bring years of experience to each transaction, I also look to your expertise as we work together to determine what will be the most sound real estate decision at this time in your life.  With each transaction I bring the following; in-depth knowledge of the market and its dynamics, active listening and communication skills, consistent delivery and follow through from our first meeting and beyond and a disciplined, strong work ethic that insures the goals we set in the beginning are achieved in a seamless, transparent way.

Commitment and Dedication

I love what I do which, I believe, has quickly lead to the core of my business being referrals from previous clients. Over the years, I have worked hard to form a team of professionals that I utilize to make each and every real estate transaction smooth and stress-free. I will be your best advocate as you go through this process whether you are buying or selling for the first time or the tenth.
Please visit my personal website http://www.dwellinseattle.com/